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Working With Repmgr: Using Other 3rd Party Tools for Setting up a Standby

From the docs: “repmgr is an open-source tool suite for managing replication and failover in a cluster of PostgreSQL servers.” For a standby node to be used in a repmgr configuration, it has to be registered.  Normally you do this by allowing repmgr to clone the standby first.  If a node was not cloned by […]

Working with Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL: dag, standby rebooted again!

While I continue to be amazed at how fast PG runs on Amazon Aurora (no WAL logging)  or how fast I can create a snapshot or standby (shared storage),  there are always a few clouds around.  Today the cloud I’m lookin’ at is replica reboots.  Every week or so, one of my standbys gets rebooted […]

Working with Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL: what happened to the stats?

If you reboot your PostgreSQL aurora instance, your distribution stats will still be there, but your monitoring stats will not. Official PostgreSQL documentation states that if you do a normal shutdown, both distribution and monitoring stats will still be there when you restart your instance (Monitoring Stats): “When the server shuts down cleanly, a permanent […]

How to set application_name for psql command line utility?

If you are using psql command line utility and wonder how you can set application_name… If you try to set application_name using psql variable, it doesn’t work … $ psql -d postgres -U elephas –variable=application_name=elephas_backup  postgres=# show application_name ; application_name —————— psql (1 row) Option-1: psql -U elephas -d ‘dbname=postgres application_name=elephas_backup’ postgres=# show application_name ; […]

Is there a limit on number of partitions handled by Postgres?

PostgreSQL is continuously improving partitions support but there is limitations on number of partitions handled by each release. Based on our experience , if you are using a lot more partitions than its practical limit for a PostgreSQL release, you will experience performance degradation during the planning phase of the query.  When you approach the […]