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Running VACUUM FULL in Non-blocking Mode

OK, I got your attention. You’re probably thinking I must actually be referring to other tools like pg_repack. No I am not. I really am referring to running the VACUUM FULL command in non-blocking mode. WHAT!?#$%@! Here we go: Setup 2 psql session windows on the same screen. The 1st window shows the state of […]

Connection Scaling

Connection scaling is concerned with the database science of increasing the number of users connected to a database without performance degradation. PostgreSQL can support thousands of users. For OLTP type SQL requests, it does not correlate into thousands of simultaneously occurring SQL requests being sent to the database. Why? Because most OLTP transactions are small […]

PSQL Helper: Managing Connections and Simplifying Queries

For folks using PSQL to connect to PG databases, it can be a headache to manage a lot of different DB profile connections. PG makes it a bit easier by organizing db profiles in a file called, .pgpass. It contains one line for each DB Profile like this: localhost:5432:mydb:myuser:mypassword This file must reside in the […]