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Christmas Gift!

Merry Christmas!! If you are using SQL Server or Oracle databases, I’m giving away my 1 hour of time for rest of this week for free of cost to  discuss how you can save $$$$ by migrating them to PostgreSQL database by keeping same features and achieve better performance. you can shoot an email to Happy […]

Running Postgres in Docker

For last six months, I have been working on moving Postgres from bare metal & VM based  systems in  Docker. As of today, we have migrated a couple of mission critical Postgres DBs  (~ 2TB) on to Docker environment. During the migration  journey, I have listed down some of the things to consider running Postgres production instances […]

10 commandments of Database Management

After having decade of experience managing small to large scale and/or varieties of database  systems, here is my first try to come up with the top ten commandments of database management ! Thou shalt always learn database systems strengths and weaknesses Thou shalt choose appropriate database to store and process data to empower business Thou […]

Choosing the right database: Understanding your options

Yesterday, SDTimes published my article “Choosing the right database: Understanding your options” . As the name suggests, the article talks about understanding available options for selecting the right database, and explains attributes needs to be considered during the selection process. I hope you will check it out. Comments are welcome!