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Postgres 8.4 – Replace regular index with Text Based Index

I came across a nice post by Peter Eisentraut that shows how text based index can be used to do direct lookup on the text fields. Quick test proves that.. postgres=# d employees Table “public.employees”Column | Type | Modifiers——–+———+———–emp_id | integer | not nullname | text |Indexes: “employees_pkey” PRIMARY KEY, btree (emp_id)postgres=# create index idx_employees_name […]

xargs foo!

xargs foo helps a lot for running parallel operation.. This is the example , how we can rebuild indexes parallel on postgres cat create_index.sql | xargs -d “n” -L1 -P10 -I _CREATE_ psql -qAt -U postgres -p 5432 -d pagila -c “_CREATE_”

Yet Another PostgreSQL Replication Tool – RubyRep

One of the key features any enterprise considers when choosing a database technology for their architecture solution stack is that of replication. Oracle and MySQL both have built in replication solutions, but as of yet PostgreSQL doesn’t support a built in replication solution. There are many replication solutions available however, and different companies are using […]

Manage Oracle Database and Listener under Solaris SMF service

At OmniTi, we support various databases i.e oracle,postgresql,mysql etc.. Most of the databases are on Solaris servers. ┬áSolaris has many cool features for easy database┬ámanagement, one of them is SMF services. We manage all the databases under Solaris SMF service. Today, I am going to provide details to do so for oracle. Needed Files for […]

pg_migrator beta-1 released

pg_migrator ———– Version 8.4, Beta 1 What it Does ———— pg_migrator allows data stored in Postgres data files to be migrated to a later Postgres major version without the dump/reload of data typically required for major version upgrades, e.g. 8.3.7 -> 8.4.1. It is not required for minor version upgrades, e.g. 8.4.1 -> 8.4.5. Limitations […]

Postgresql 8.4

I have been reading postgresql 8.4 new features since 6 months .These are some of the links useful to learn postgres8.4 cool features … 1. rtreat 2. depsez 3.rtreat-tutorial More coming soon…