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pg_repack in action!

Couple of years ago, I started compiling blog post on pg_reorg but that post never made it to published post because of my procrastination !! Though, I wasn’t disappointed because I got opportunity to talk about removing bloat from tables on databases at one of the PostgreSQL conference. Moreover, Depesz ,  colleague at OmniTI,  wrote a […]

An easy way to reduce outage window for PostgreSQL Upgrade!

PostgreSQL 9.2 release provides lots of great features. Recently, one of the clients at OmniTI required upgrade of their couple of PostgreSQL production databases running on PostgreSQL version 9.0 to PostgreSQL 9.2. The client is running database servers on Amazon EC2 instances. For the failover purpose, they run 3 instances in the setup, one instance is […]

2 Elephants in the Room!!

Yesterday, I gave a lightning talk at Hadoop DC- Hadoop User Group (HUG) in Columbia,MD. It was pleasure to talk about PostgreSQL and Hadoop to enthusiastic crowd. Please check out the slides!

2 PG Days in 2 days apart !!

Want to learn more about PostgreSQL? Are you at driving distance from Washington DC and/or Newyork area? If any of anwers is yes then you shound’t miss this opportunity to attend 2 PostgreSQL Days within 2 days apart in your area with plenty of knowledge sharing talks and networking events!br 1. Friday,March 30th,2012 PG Day […]

monitor bucardo replication lag using circonus

         I have been using circonus for monitoring, trending and alerting for any database metrics for quite a long time now. The circonus interface makes the monitoring, trending and alerting setup painless and you can see graph flowing in minutes. Another good thing about Circonus is that you can monitor anything that […]

Half a decade with OmniTi, PostgreSQL, FOSS …

By end of this month, I am completing 5 years with OmniTI. Before joining OmniTI, I was an Oracle DBA and worked mostly with closed source databases. I am grateful & fortunate that Theo and Robert provided me opportunity and guidance to work and contribute with open source technologies and most importantly an open source […]

What is pg_extractor ?

In my recent blog post, I wrote about PostgreSQL DBA Handyman toolset. In the list of tools, getddl is one of them. If you are using getddl to get DDL schema and track the daily changes in SVN for production databases, you should consider moving that process to use pg_extractor instead. pg_extractor is the more […]