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Postgres in Amazon RDS

Today, I presented on “Postgres in Amazon RDS” topic at Postgres Open Conference in Chicago. Here is the slide deck:

Upcoming Conferences in September

I thought to share conference details that I’m going to attend next month. If you aren’t aware but interested attending any of them. PostgresOpen at Chicago Postgres conference (Sept 17th – Sept 19th) Surge at National Harbor,MD Scalability and Performance Conference  (Sept 24th – Sept  26th) The speakers and talks lineup is looking interesting for both […]

10 commandments of Database Management

After having decade of experience managing small to large scale and/or varieties of database  systems, here is my first try to come up with the top ten commandments of database management ! Thou shalt always learn database systems strengths and weaknesses Thou shalt choose appropriate database to store and process data to empower business Thou […]

Preventing Human Errors in Postgres

Whenever discussion on Disaster Recovery Planning for the databases comes up, “Preventing & Recovering from Human Error” topic arises because human tends to make mistakes and engineers are humans 🙂  Having best DBAs around and with restrictions &  best practices/policies in-place,  you still can’t afford to ignore the fact – “an engineer could make mistake”. […]

Postgres Security & PGConf NYC 2014

As per my knowledge, I haven’t heard or attended  Postgres conference with dedicated “Security” track . Rarely, you find one or two talks about security over couple of Postgres conferences but  never a dedicated track !  It is  indisputable to say that  Security is one of the most critical areas to consider for selecting  database […]