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Let’s hangout w/ Postgres people on Slack!

While casual discussions with Postgres users at  conference and/or online,  I came across this question for at least 3-4 times;  “Is there a Slack channel for Postgres?”  The answer was “No”. The idea of bringing up Slack channel was cooking in my mind for a long time but i did not have time to execute it! Now, I have […]

Postgres Replication Slot & pg_basebackup

On #postgresql IRC channel, someone was having problem bringing up standby database server from backups taken using pg_basebackup and recovery.conf was configured to use replication slot. The reporter was following  below steps: Set max_replication_slots=5, wal_keep_segments=0 and restart primary database create replication slot : SELECT * FROM pg_create_physical_replication_slot(‘standby’) Call pg_basebackup -D – -Ft | bzip2 > backup.tar.bz2 copy backup.tar.bz2 to standby […]

Upcoming Conferences in September

I thought to share conference details that I’m going to attend next month. If you aren’t aware but interested attending any of them. PostgresOpen at Chicago Postgres conference (Sept 17th – Sept 19th) Surge at National Harbor,MD Scalability and Performance Conference  (Sept 24th – Sept  26th) The speakers and talks lineup is looking interesting for both […]

Postgres Security & PGConf NYC 2014

As per my knowledge, I haven’t heard or attended  Postgres conference with dedicated “Security” track . Rarely, you find one or two talks about security over couple of Postgres conferences but  never a dedicated track !  It is  indisputable to say that  Security is one of the most critical areas to consider for selecting  database […]