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Possibility of Graceful Switchover?

I have been using PITR master-slave solution for long time for “failover” to slave server when there is a problem with the master server. It has proven a valuable solution for most of clients needs. The problem with “failover” solution is that we have to rebuild old-master as slave from completely new base backup from […]

PostgreSQL : Track functions to tune

Starting from PostgreSQL 8.4, there is a valuable addition in PostgreSQL features list: Per function statistics. Prior to this feature , there wasn’t an easy way to find out most time consuming functions in the database. For time spent on single call, it’s easy to find out by executing function manually but it was too […]

What’s blocking your way?

If you’ve ever gotten a page about database connections are blocked, or phone call or email from an annoyed user whose transaction just won’t go through, or from a developer who can’t understand why application sessions are blocking each other, you know how useful it can be to identify not just whose lock is doing […]

Achieving PCI Compliance with PostgreSQL

Today, I gave Security talk on Achieving PCI Compliance at PgWest 2010, San Francisco. Slides are available to download.

Oracle Bitmap Indexes and Deadlocks

I found very good docs to avoid bitmap indexes on OLTP environment to avoid deadlocks: 1. Secret of Oracle Bitmap Indexes 2. Deadlock with Bitmap Indexes I hope this will help!!


I found these lessons shared by someone! He learned from a 90 year old person … Good read!! 1. Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good. 2. When in doubt, just take the next small step. 3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. 4. Your job won’t take care of you when […]


If you are working in IT industry, you must have come across these terms RAID10 and RAID5. Let’s learn about RAID… RAID 10: RAID 10 = Combining features of RAID 0 + RAID 1. It provides optimization for fault tolerance. RAID 0 helps to increase performance by striping volume data across multiple disk drives. RAID […]

Graceful Switchover for Oracle databases

One of the twitter friend asked me a question . It was related to switching production to standby database and standby database to new production under oracle environment. I came across this situation before 4 years. I provided this link and it’s nicely solved his problem. Keep it bookmarked, if you need in future!


Guys, Welcome to slowquery!! This is my knowledge warehouse but query slowly!! Looking forward to share useful tricks, tips etc.. Thanks for visiting!! Best, slowquery

Security & PgWest2010

Open Source databases still needs solid presence in enterprise world. One of the myths about open source databases is that they aren’t secure. To eliminate this myth we have to share our experience related to security aspect of PostgreSQL database. At OmniTi , we help businesses to achieve PCI compliance or provide payment processor:PayPI . […]