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Security & PgWest2010

  • Denish Patel
  • 24th October 2010
  • postgresql

Open Source databases still needs solid presence in enterprise world. One of the myths about open source databases is that they aren’t secure. To eliminate this myth we have to share our experience related to security aspect of PostgreSQL database. At OmniTi , we help businesses to achieve PCI compliance or provide payment processor:PayPI . PayPI runs on PostgreSQL database.

I feel that Security aspect of the PostgreSQL database isn’t marketed as it should be. Who doesn’t want secured applications and databases ? The answer is everyone cares about security but we can’t able to find many talks about security in the open source conferences. PgWest 2010 has wide variety of talks. Thanks to conference committee to include number of talks about security aspects of application and database. One of them is my session that will talk about achieving PCI compliance with PostgreSQL. If your system transmit, process or store credit card data then it should be PCI compliance system. Please don’t miss this opportunity to share your knowledge & experience during the talk. Even if your system doesn’t need PCI compliance, we can still discuss about security in general and share knowledge about features related to security.
If you are planning to attend PgWest 2010 at San Francisco from Nov 2, 2010 to Nov 4, 2010, looking forward to see you in-person.

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