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10 commandments of Database Management

After having decade of experience managing small to large scale and/or varieties of database ¬†systems, here is my first try to come up with the top ten commandments of database management ! Thou shalt always learn database systems strengths and weaknesses Thou shalt choose appropriate database to store and process data to empower business Thou […]

Preventing Human Errors in Postgres

Whenever discussion on Disaster Recovery Planning for the databases comes up, “Preventing & Recovering from Human Error” topic arises because human tends to make mistakes and engineers are humans ūüôā ¬†Having best DBAs around and with restrictions & ¬†best practices/policies in-place, ¬†you still can’t afford to ignore the fact – “an engineer could make mistake”. […]

Postgres Security & PGConf NYC 2014

As per my knowledge, I haven’t heard or attended ¬†Postgres conference with dedicated “Security” track . Rarely, you find one or two talks about security over couple of Postgres conferences but ¬†never a dedicated track ! ¬†It is ¬†indisputable to say that ¬†Security is one of the most critical areas to consider for selecting ¬†database […]

Choosing the right database: Understanding your options

Yesterday, SDTimes published my article “Choosing the right database: Understanding your options” . As the name suggests, the article talks about understanding available options for selecting the right database, and explains attributes needs to be considered during the selection process. I hope you will check it out.¬†Comments are welcome!

Can Postgres 9.2 upgrade cause ‚ÄúOut of memory‚ÄĚ error?

Earlier this week, we got an email from¬†¬†with the need of ‚Äúa serious Postgres expert‚ÄĚ to solve the problem they have been experiencing and blocker for number of projects at hand.¬†They heard good things about¬†OmniTI¬†from technology clubs and communities in NYC.¬†is¬†an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need. […]

A week(s) of Conferences!

This week, I will be attending Surge (Scalability Conference) in Washington D.C. Next week, I will be speaking/attending  PgOpen (Postgres conference)  in Chicago. If you are planning to attend any of these conferences, it will be nice opportunity to meet in-person and catch up on technologies & stories specifically about databases ! See you soon!!

Postgres 9.2: monitoring temp files generation in real time

With other great new features, PostgreSQL 9.2 makes DBAs life easy by providing more metrics ¬†in¬†statistics collector views. Out of those ,¬†pg_stat_database¬†caught my eyes because it provides a lot more details compare to Postgres 9.1 and other previous versions. Postgres 9.1 postgres=# \d pg_stat_database View “pg_catalog.pg_stat_database” Column | Type | Modifiers —————+————————–+———– datid | oid […]

Inserting JSON data into Postgres using JDBC driver

EDIT: ¬†Marcus(1st comment provider) helped me to write much cleaner and secure code. It doesn’t require CAST function and uses¬†¬†PGobject with jdbc‚Äôs setObject. You could download updated code from git-repo. Thanks Marcus !! One of the clients of OmniTI requested help to provide sample application to insert JSON data into Postgres using Java JDBC driver […]

Deploying PostgreSQL on Amazon EC2: A Case Study

I got opportunity to give talk on “Deploying PostgreSQL on Amazon EC2: A Case Study” at ¬†PGDay NYC and LOPSA-East¬†. Here is the slides deck:   Deploying postgre sql on amazon ec2 from Denish Patel