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Advanced Postgres Monitoring!

Today, I presented at PgOpen 2016 (Postgres conference) in Dallas, TX. Here is the slide deck : [slideshare id=66063373&doc=0b32a8bb-f5b3-4886-bd25-358438dc8f13-160915153052]

Recovering Postgres database from disk level corruption!!

A couple of weeks ago, I had to deal with corrupted Postgres database cluster. At the end, we couldn’t able to recover some of the data but managed to recover most part of it. Having experience working with dozens of database systems, I’m pleasantly surprised to experience resiliency of Postgres database. Kudos to Postgres Development team […]

Analyzing effect on default_statistics_target on ANALYZE

Last week, I received request to increase PostgreSQL’s config parameter default_statistics_target on one of the very large DB clusters.  The developers filled a ticket to increase the default_statistics_target to 10,000 at cluster level because one of the queries has started  full sequencial scan  instead of index scan. By default, Postges cluster sets default_statistics_target to 100 but you can set up to […]

Let’s hangout w/ Postgres people on Slack!

While casual discussions with Postgres users at  conference and/or online,  I came across this question for at least 3-4 times;  “Is there a Slack channel for Postgres?”  The answer was “No”. The idea of bringing up Slack channel was cooking in my mind for a long time but i did not have time to execute it! Now, I have […]

Postgres Replication Slot & pg_basebackup

On #postgresql IRC channel, someone was having problem bringing up standby database server from backups taken using pg_basebackup and recovery.conf was configured to use replication slot. The reporter was following  below steps: Set max_replication_slots=5, wal_keep_segments=0 and restart primary database create replication slot : SELECT * FROM pg_create_physical_replication_slot(‘standby’) Call pg_basebackup -D – -Ft | bzip2 > backup.tar.bz2 copy backup.tar.bz2 to standby […]

pgbadger log analysis for Postgres RDS instances

Last year, I have presented on Postgres RDS in Amazon at couple of conferences but I haven’t got change to follow up on my experience working with RDS after them. If you aren’t  aware, I recently changed job & started working at WithMe,  a disruptive start-up that focuses on three primary solutions for commerce, including WithMe Business, Financial and […]

Postgres Replication using Replication Slots

Postgres 9.4 introduced an awesome feature Replication Slots. This allows you to implement Postgres replication without using any external archive management tools. Yesterday, I presented three hours long tutorial on “Out of the box Postgres 9.4 Replication using Replication slots” at PgCon (Postgres conference) in Ottawa,Canada. If you want to follow along slides with VM, you […]

Why should you consider upgrading Postgres again?

As title suggests,  if you are running Postgres in your environment, it is very important that you plan to upgrade Postgres with the latest announced release. I upgraded Postgres recently in last couple of weeks. Should I upgrade again? Why? Yes, you should plan to upgrade again. Postgres released data corruption and security bug fix release on May 22nd and […]

Postgres in Amazon RDS

Today, I presented on “Postgres in Amazon RDS” topic at Postgres Open Conference in Chicago. Here is the slide deck:

Upcoming Conferences in September

I thought to share conference details that I’m going to attend next month. If you aren’t aware but interested attending any of them. PostgresOpen at Chicago Postgres conference (Sept 17th – Sept 19th) Surge at National Harbor,MD Scalability and Performance Conference  (Sept 24th – Sept  26th) The speakers and talks lineup is looking interesting for both […]