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Security & PgWest2010

Open Source databases still needs solid presence in enterprise world. One of the myths about open source databases is that they aren’t secure. To eliminate this myth we have to share our experience related to security aspect of PostgreSQL database. At OmniTi , we help businesses to achieve PCI compliance or provide payment processor:PayPI . […]

Outlining Surge Conference Sessions

OmniTi’s Surge conference is around the corner (Sept 30th) and there are plenty of industry leading speakers and most advance technology sessions to choose from list. Most probably I will be attending second day of two days conference. I spent a lot of time to decide on most interesting sessions to attend from wide variety […]

My Own Quote :-)

Publishing my own quote… “Use documentation as map,not as GPS.”

PostgreSQL Recovery Manager – PG_RMAN

During PgEast, I heard a lot about making PostgreSQL acceptable at more enterprise shops. I firmly believe that PostgreSQL has potential but lack of marketing perspective during the promotion of product and tools. Anyways, let’s start creating/testing/using and telling new tools those can be attracted by C-Level people!! If you have Oracle background , you […]

RubyRep Presentation Slides

Guys, Today I gave presentation @ PgEast2010 in Philadelphia. You can download slides Here Thanks for attending or following it!!

Heading to PgEast

Guys, I will be in Philadelphia on 25th and 26th March 2010 to attend PgEast PostgreSQL conference. Moreover, I will be speaking on RubyRep on 26th March 2010. If you are attending this conference , see you there!

Secure your web from SQL Injections

Last couple of months, I came across two incidents of SQL injections due to most common errors by IT professionals. How To Hack A Brazilian Power Company SQL Injection discovered on Wall Street Journal Both incidents are stunning and they were exploited by hackers with minimal effort. Little care during web application development could avoid […]

Postgres 8.4 – Replace regular index with Text Based Index

I came across a nice post by Peter Eisentraut that shows how text based index can be used to do direct lookup on the text fields. Quick test proves that.. postgres=# d employees Table “public.employees”Column | Type | Modifiers——–+———+———–emp_id | integer | not nullname | text |Indexes: “employees_pkey” PRIMARY KEY, btree (emp_id)postgres=# create index idx_employees_name […]

xargs foo!

xargs foo helps a lot for running parallel operation.. This is the example , how we can rebuild indexes parallel on postgres cat create_index.sql | xargs -d “n” -L1 -P10 -I _CREATE_ psql -qAt -U postgres -p 5432 -d pagila -c “_CREATE_”

Yet Another PostgreSQL Replication Tool – RubyRep

One of the key features any enterprise considers when choosing a database technology for their architecture solution stack is that of replication. Oracle and MySQL both have built in replication solutions, but as of yet PostgreSQL doesn’t support a built in replication solution. There are many replication solutions available however, and different companies are using […]