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Outlining Surge Conference Sessions

  • Denish Patel
  • 1st September 2010
  • postgresql
OmniTi’s Surge conference is around the corner (Sept 30th) and there are plenty of industry leading speakers and most advance technology sessions to choose from list. Most probably I will be attending second day of two days conference. I spent a lot of time to decide on most interesting sessions to attend from wide variety of sessions. In the past, for other conferences, I found easy to choose from two parallel sessions but it’s not the case at Surge. It’s one of the most difficult task to choose one from two parallel talks.
I hope my list will help you to outline your sessions or at least encourage you to think now!
This is my outline of sessions to attend at Surge Conference on Day -2:
  • Enterprise solutions from commodity components: The Promise and the Peril – Bryan Cantrill
  • Don’t bet the farm on your cache – Brian Akins
  • Top 10 Lessons Learned from Deploying Hadoop in a Private Cloud – Rod Cope
  • Design for Scale – Patterns, Anti-Patterns, Successes and Failures – Christopher Brown
  • From disaster to stability: scaling challenges of -Cosimo Streppone
  • Availability, the Cloud and Everything -Joe Williams

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