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PostgreSQL Recovery Manager – PG_RMAN

  • Denish Patel
  • 1st April 2010
  • postgresql
During PgEast, I heard a lot about making PostgreSQL acceptable at more enterprise shops. I firmly believe that PostgreSQL has potential but lack of marketing perspective during the promotion of product and tools. Anyways, let’s start creating/testing/using and telling new tools those can be attracted by C-Level people!!
If you have Oracle background , you must know Oracle Recovery Manager – RMAN. Oracle has RMAN since Oracle7i (may be longer ). It has been enhanced during each release. It is widely used program at most of the Oracle shops. Obviously, Oracle puts lots of marketing efforts around RMAN features per release.
I came across a Google Code project called pg_rman, which is developed by NTT Open Source Software Center. It looks promising by looking at features list. If i compare these features with Oracle, it includes features comparable to Oracle9i RMAN feature list.

pg_rman features:
  • Ease of use. Backup and restore can be done with just one command.
  • Online full backup, incremental backup, and archive backup.
  • Backup compression. Unused area in pages are removed and only actual data are compressed with gzip.
  • Automatic backup maintenance. Backup and archive WAL files older than specified days are deleted automatically.
  • Backup validation. Backup can be validated with CRC checks
  • No transaction lost in restore. Configuration file generator for point-in-time recovery is supported.

Let's put hands together to test a new tool and help making PostgreSQL more advanced with adding these rich tools!!

I am going to test the pg_rman pretty soon!!

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