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The Scalability & Performance Conference : Surge 2011

  • Denish Patel
  • 14th September 2011
  • postgresql
         The Scalability and Performance covers most of the web scale issues, innovations and  evolutions in technology. As per my knowledge, Surge is the only conference  that gives the coverage to the issues and solutions concerning Scalability & Performance without any bias on technology that we often notice at most other conferences. For example , if you are looking from Database perspective, it covers topic ranges from RDBMS to NoSQL and talks about problems solved by the technology and new possible problems introduced by new technology.

      I attended Surge 2010 and listed attended sessions on my last year  post. I am going to attend Surge again. Surge 2010 was the best conference attendance experience for me and others. By looking at Sponsor list  (Google is one of them!), this year (Sept 28-30 , 2011) conference is going to be far bigger and better than last year  and don’t forget to checkout industry leader Speakers list & Hack Day/Training Schedule !!  If you haven’t registered , you still have chance to do so.

Surge 2011 will be surge of the knowledge ! See you soon !

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